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Global Health Solutions

  • Health Systems Development: Personnel training and performance evaluation; Infrastructure backbone; and process optimization for quality service delivery and top performance outputs.
  • Operations and Implementation Research: Evaluating interventions and projects including services and outcome quality. Evidence is generated to sharpen actions for efficiency and effectiveness.


Ecological Reproductive Health Solutions

Couples and families across the world have differing needs as far as their sexual and reproductive health intensions are concerned. Health Dimensions is in a unique position to address specific needs and proffer innovative solutions to both general and complex problems related to sexuality, marriage, fertility management and family planning

Our services are tailor-made to meet the reproductive and health needs of youth, women, men and couples. These include: Fertility Awareness Education, Natural Family Planning, NOVApp Fertility Technology (User and Teacher Courses) and Infertility Treatment using the NOVApp Fertility Technology.

NOVApp Fertility Technology of Natural Family Planning

Health Dimensions offers clients Natural Family Planning and Fertility Awareness services in an engaging and lively manner. The Natural Ovulation Applications (NOVApp) Fertility Technology is an eclectic brand of modern scientific natural approaches to family planning which answers to the global citizen’s reproductive and sexual health needs. It respects and reckons with the local contextual sensibilities of users’ culture, faith and personal health status.

NOVApp Fertility Technology is a scientific and highly effective as well as an ecological way to realize the reproductive health aspirations of married and intending couples. The method addresses the issues of “What is fertility awareness or natural family planning?” through its novel definition: Know your fertility; understand your fertility; Appreciate your fertility; and manage your fertility based on knowledge and understanding.

NOVApp Fertility Technology is a natural fertility regulation method par excellence. This is so because couples are enabled to achieve pregnancy, avoid pregnancy or space child births. Even more, they can apply the system to pre-select the sex of their intended baby.

We teach candidates to apply the knowledge and understanding of their reproductive capability to achieve their family planning objectives. The following fertility regulation intentions can be achieved, among others: achieving pregnancy, avoiding conception, child birth spacing, monitoring of sexual and reproductive health as well as general health status.

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